• The intersection of Bristol St. and Main St. is OPEN!!!!

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  • Alert from SPPD-Counterfeit Money

  • From the Sun Prairie Police Department:

    Please see the attached document:  click here

    It has some tips to detect counterfeit bills. It also has attached some of the bills that have been used. The $20.00 bill is very obviously fake. It says “for motion picture use only” on it 4 times I believe. It also says on the face of the bill that it is not legal tender. Also the face of Hamilton is not quite right, it appears that his nose is much bigger. As far as the $100 bill, it will pass the pen test at the register. However it will be lacking the security features such as the strip inside the bill and watermarks.

    If you have any questions please contact the Police Department at 837-7336.  You can also go on the PD’s Facebook page, the city’s Facebook page and the city website (www.cityofsunprairie.com).