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  • Businesses are open downtown!  Click here for the current list / status & resource info.

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  • Corn Fest - How Proceeds Used

  • The annual Sun Prairie Sweet Corn Festival is utilized by several community organizations as a fundraiser.  Funds raised from the festival helps these organizations fund programs and services for the populations they serve.  Below are the primary organizations that participate in the festival.

    American Legion:  This group staffs / runs the Beer Tent or the Burger/Brat/Pizza stand.  Proceeds help fund specific projects for their organization.

    Chamber of Commerce:   The Chamber organizes/runs the event.  Proceeds used to promote the community, community events/ activities, shop local programs, relocation packets etc. throughout the year.

    Exchange Club:  This group staffs/ runs the Corn Tote sales.  Proceeds help support Civic Projects, Youth of the Month program, Block Parent program, Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse.

    Happy Hikers-4H:   The 4-H group staffs/runs the Ice Cream sales.   Proceeds help support Project Literature, club activities, trips, projects, supplies, materials and outings.

    Knights of Columbus:   Sweet Corn Festival is their primary fundraiser and the KC's staff the carnival ticket sales.  Proceeds are designated to schools for special education programs, etc.

    Lions Club:   The Lions Club helps staff parking for the event.  Proceeds are used to underwrite High School scholarships, Bike Rodeo, Wisconsin Lions Camp, etc.

    Rainbow Park:  This group staffs parking in the Rainbow Park parking lot.  Proceeds help support Rainbow Park maintenance, upgrades and equipment.

    VFW:   The VFW staffs/runs either the Beer Shelter or the Brat/Burger/Pizza stand.  Proceeds used for building fund, post improvements and for community affairs.

    YMCA:   The YMCA staffs/runs the Basketball booth.  Proceeds are used for sports scholarships and sports equipment needed for YMCA youth programs.