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  • Hwy 151 Ramp Closures

  • The WiDOT is resurfacing HWY 151 from W. Main Street ramp to CTH VV in 2017. This project will include reconstruction work on the on and off-ramps as well as the underpasses at CTH N (Bristol Street) and STH 19 (Windsor Street).
    The tentative schedule provided by the DOT indicate a start date of March 13 and completion date of August 14. Throughout this project, multiple ramp and lane closures will be required, resulting in detours to access USH 151.

    Below is a brief summary of the ramp closures with tentative dates and listed detour routes. In addition, the DOT will be holding a Public Information/Coordination meeting in mid-late March for residents and/or businesses to discuss any questions/concerns.

    **Note that all dates listed are tentative and subject to change.**  For continuous, updated information visit the DOT website: click here


    1. On-ramps to southbound 151 (to Madison) at Bristol Street and Windsor Street will be closed from March 28 - June 28.

    During this closure, additional ramp closures will be as follows:

    2. Southbound 151 off-ramp to Main Street - closed 5/10 - 5/12 (3 working days)

    3. Southbound 151 off-ramp to Windsor Street - closed 5/15 - 5/25 (10 days)

    4. Southbound 151 off-ramp to Bristol Street - closed 5/30 - 6/12 (10 days)

    After June 28, on-ramps to southbound 151 at Bristol and Windsor opened.

    5. Main St. on-ramp to northbound 151 - closed 7/13 - 7/17 (3 days)

    6. Windsor St. on and off-ramps to northbound 151 - closed 7/18 - 7/31 (10 days)

    7. Bristol St. on and off-ramps to northbound 151 - closed 8/1 - 8/14 (10 days)


    When the on-ramps at Bristol and Windsor are closed (3/28 - 6/28), the posted detour route will be south on CTH N (Bristol St), west on STH 19 (Windsor St) and south on Grand Ave for access to USH 151. The northbound detours after June 28 will also include the usage of Bristol St and Windsor St.


    All ramps will be open on July 1 for Flags of Freedom parade.

    All ramps will be open on Aug 17-20 for Sweet Corn Festival.

    No lane closures for Badger home football games for 5 hours before and 5 hours after game.

    Emergency services (Fire, EMS, Police) will have access at all ramps at all times. Special coordination will occur with those departments directly with DOT project leader.