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      Tom Tubbs, Bank of Sun Prairie, Receives Community Business Leader Award
  • Central Melt Specialist

    Madison-Kipp, Sun Prairie
    Job Description

    Madison-Kipp Corporation is one of the country’s premier producers of precision machined aluminum die cast components and sub-assemblies for the transportation and industrial end markets.

    Our components consist of aluminum die casting on high-volume and close tolerance machining to include some sub-assembly. Aluminum machines range from 600 to 1200 ton closing capability with most in fully automatic cells. Madison-Kipp differentiates itself from the competition using advanced technologies in high pressure die casting with our proven precision machining expertise. Madison-Kipp consists of 450 employees, three facilities, two in Madison and one in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. The Company has been in business for over 115 years and continues to grow, offering opportunities for industrious, committed employees.

    For more information, check out our website: http://www.madison-kipp.com
    Click on the Modern Marvels video to see what we do!



    Deliver aluminum to the casting floor at temperature, in specification, on time, safely, 100% of the time. Clean and dross melting and holding furnaces. Operate and maintain all related equipment in accordance to training and established procedures.




    1. Operate at a level which includes all the skills defined by the training.

    2. Change chlorine containers using established procedures and methods.

    3. Troubleshoot metal pumps, control panels, chlorine room equipment, and the chlorine scrubber.

    4. Maintain metal levels, operate the chlorine system, and operate the chlorine system in emergency situations in accordance with established procedures.

    5. Troubleshoot and maintain holding furnaces, changing elements, furnace lids and thermocouples.

    6. Operate the spectrograph and metal lathe in accordance with Laboratory procedures.

    7. Make chemistry adjustments to the RCI and MPH melting furnaces.

    8. May be designated as group leader for an operating shift.

    9. Maintain a clean and safe work environment.

    10. Other duties as assigned.



    Heavy Manufacturing Environment with exposure to noise, excessive heat and cold, dirt, grease, smoke, dust, and molten metal. Working aloft, bending, and awkward positions.



    High school graduate or equivalent. Must have basic English reading, writing, and math skills.  Electrical, mechanical, problem solving and computer skills are preferred.  Must be able to pass the MKC forklift, crane and chlorine certification.  Demonstrate group participation in a self-starting, self-motivated, self-directed work team.  

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