• The Chamber Office is now open for business.  Thanks for your patience; thanks to all Emergency Services and our thoughts and prayers are with the Barr Family and all those affected by the explosion.  Visit our webpage for contacts, fundraisers, disaster relief, biz loans, & more.  #sunprairiestrong

  • Businesses are open downtown!  Click here for the current list / status & resource info.

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      Members connect at luncheons, mixers, Chamber events
  • State of Wisconsin-Department of Workforce Development/DVR

    • Employment Service
    1801 Aberg Ave.
    Madison , WI 53704
    (608) 843-8715
    • About

      Recruiting the right employee and retaining existing, well-trained and productive workers has never been more important to Wisconsin business owners than in today's economy.

      To reach the business and organization success you desire, DVR can assist you to:
      •Tap into highly-reliable and qualified job applicants who can put their diverse abilities to work for you.
      •Build strategies to ensure that you maintain that critical edge and competitive advantage by holding onto your existing workforce.