• The Chamber Office is now open for business.  Thanks for your patience; thanks to all Emergency Services and our thoughts and prayers are with the Barr Family and all those affected by the explosion.  Visit our webpage for contacts, fundraisers, disaster relief, biz loans, & more.  #sunprairiestrong

  • Businesses are open downtown!  Click here for the current list / status & resource info.

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      Members connect at luncheons, mixers, Chamber events
  • Sun Prairie Area School District and Education Facilities

    • serves nearly 7,000 children in the District
    • consists of Sun Prairie Senior High School for students in grades 10-12, an Alternative Learning Center, an Upper Middle School for students in grades 8 & 9, two Middle schools for students in grades 6 & 7, seven Elementary Schools, a 4K program for four-year old students, Sun Prairie's virtual school, and four parochial schools
    • provides a full range of instruction from special education to a talented and gifted program
    • www.sunprairie.k12.wi.us

    District Administrative Office:  
    501 South Bird Street

    Business Education Partnership:
    501 South Bird Street, 834-6500

    Directory of all schools/daycare facilities/adult education in Sun Prairie/Education Links