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      Sweet Corn Festival August 16-19
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      Sweet Corn Fest Parade August 16
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      Golf Outing May 31st
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      Taste of the Arts Fair June 9th
  • Sun Prairie Area School District and Education Facilities

    • serves nearly 7,000 children in the District
    • consists of Sun Prairie Senior High School for students in grades 10-12, an Alternative Learning Center, an Upper Middle School for students in grades 8 & 9, two Middle schools for students in grades 6 & 7, seven Elementary Schools, a 4K program for four-year old students, Sun Prairie's virtual school, and four parochial schools
    • provides a full range of instruction from special education to a talented and gifted program
    • www.sunprairie.k12.wi.us

    District Administrative Office:  
    501 South Bird Street

    Business Education Partnership:
    501 South Bird Street, 834-6500

    Directory of all schools/daycare facilities/adult education in Sun Prairie/Education Links